Zombie Hunters Arena Zombie Hunters Arena Forest Survival Forest Survival Masked Forces Ancient Serpents Masked Forces Ancient Serpents Walking Dead In Jungle Game Walking Dead In Jungle Game Combat Zombie Warfare Combat Zombie Warfare Zombiesonthetimes Zombiesonthetimes Zombie Mission 4 Zombie Mission 4 Gungame 24 Pixel Gungame 24 Pixel Wars Z Zombie Apocalypse 2020 Wars Z Zombie Apocalypse 2020 Zombie Virus Fps Zombie Virus Fps Masked Forces: Dark Forest Masked Forces: Dark Forest Angry Flying Zombie Angry Flying Zombie Cowboy Catch Up Cowboy Catch Up Zombie Robogeddon Zombie Robogeddon Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus Zombie Tornado Zombie Tornado Top Down Shooter Stealth Game Top Down Shooter Stealth Game Endless Survival Shooting Endless Survival Shooting Shoot The Zombies Shoot The Zombies Zombie Road Zombie Road Zombie Attack Zombie Attack Pinata Zombie Hunter Pinata Zombie Hunter Momo Horror Story Momo Horror Story Zombie Car Smash Zombie Car Smash Zombie Shooter Zombie Shooter Crush the Zombies Crush the Zombies Angry Infected 2D Angry Infected 2D DRACULA QUEST RUN FOR BLOOD DRACULA QUEST RUN FOR BLOOD Zombie And Brain Zombie And Brain Aliens Aliens Zombie Parasite Zombie Parasite Dead Paradise 3 Dead Paradise 3 ZombieCraft 2 ZombieCraft 2 CrazyNite.iO CrazyNite.iO Stupid Zombies 2 Stupid Zombies 2 Zombie Mission 3 Zombie Mission 3 Scientist Runner Scientist Runner Zombies Shooter Part 2 Zombies Shooter Part 2 Herobine VS Monster School Herobine VS Monster School Heavy Combat Zombies Heavy Combat Zombies Grand Zombie Swarm Grand Zombie Swarm Angry Zombies Angry Zombies Pirates Vs Zombies Pirates Vs Zombies GunGame Shooting Warfare: Blocky Gangster GunGame Shooting Warfare: Blocky Gangster Archer vs Zombies Among Us Archer vs Zombies Among Us Zombie Monster Truck Zombie Monster Truck Hill Billy Hank Hill Billy Hank Apocalypse Truck Apocalypse Truck Missiles Attack Missiles Attack Zombie Last Castle 4 Zombie Last Castle 4 Spiderman Soldier Kill Zombies Spiderman Soldier Kill Zombies Pirate Adventure Pirate Adventure Zombie Slayer Zombie Slayer Cowgirl Shoot Zombies Cowgirl Shoot Zombies Zombie Assassin Zombie Assassin Kill The Zombies Kill The Zombies Zombie Last Castle 5 Zombie Last Castle 5 Zombie Number Zombie Number Zombie Typing Zombie Typing Spiderman Defense City From Zombies Spiderman Defense City From Zombies Zombie Survival Zombie Survival Deads On The Road Deads On The Road Zombie Shooter 3D Zombie Shooter 3D Zombie Soldier Zombie Soldier Impostors VS Zombies Survival Impostors VS Zombies Survival Zombie Mayhem Online Zombie Mayhem Online Gun War Z2 Gun War Z2 Zombie Pacman Zombie Pacman Bowling VS Zombies Factory 3D Bowling VS Zombies Factory 3D Zomblox.io Zomblox.io Bowling Zombie Hit Bowling Zombie Hit

About Zombie Games And Their Popularity

Zombies are essentially the living dead. They have a white-green skin color, and generally look quite intimidating. They are also half-decomposed, the decomposition process does not bypass anyone who has died. The reason for the appearance of zombies can be anything – the sorcery of evil wizards or an unknown virus that has passed a pandemic on the planet and turns people into predatory unmanageable monsters. However, the essence of this does not change – the world will never be the same! Games about zombies are wildly popular today, not a day goes by without hearing somewhere about a new game about zombies on PC, PlayStation, XBox or on our friv2online.com. The living dead filled our TV screens, the pages of books and magazines, and registered on our computers and smartphones. It is difficult to say what exactly is the reason for such hype. If some 15 years ago, the theme of zombies used only a few single series, such as Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil, then today, looking at the flow of new projects, you get the impression that the developers themselves were struck by a zombie virus. Almost every self-respecting manufacturer has tried their hand here, so today there is a huge variety of genres of games about zombies. This is a race for survival, and mystical action, various simulators and much more. But regardless of this large variety, the most popular are still ordinary zombie shooters. Playing them is simple, fun and interesting. We have many zombie modes for games that have become classics, such as Counter Strike. Zombie games online are developing by bounds, and it seems that this invasion will not stop soon.

What are the variations of the genre of zombie games?

Zombie games are a really good opportunity to test your survival skills in an apocalyptic world where everything is decided by a split second. For the most part, these games involve hard work and reaction. This is what helps the few survivors learn to work together to win. These games are a great chance to learn how to work as a team and listen to the opinions of your partners in the game. The most popular games from the zombie series are Wolfteam, War of Zombie, Survive the Nights, Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Dead Island: Epidemic. Each game is special and unique in its own way, and we are sure that the most passionate gamers will like it. You can learn more about each of these free games against zombies on our website friv2online.com. We have descriptions of the best zombie games and official gameplay videos.