Herobine VS Monster School

Herobine VS Monster School

About game «Herobine VS Monster School»

Anyone interested in playing the game can pretend to be a math teacher in a mob school in the cubic universe of Minecraft. The math fundamentals that Teacher Herobrine had been patiently teaching the crowds for a very long time have now been finished. He made the decision to exact revenge on his students for his life's wasted years.

Herobrine grabs some weapons and some arrows then uses them to kill out the hordes of people who have troubled him with their ignorance. You will play through numerous levels in a row helping the character get rid of all the monsters. To eliminate all the creatures on the playing field in each of them, a set quantity of arrows is allotted. The consumption of arrows during the level can be observed at the top of the screen in the center. Aim directly at the mob's head using your mouse. Send a red dotted line to this area of the body to accomplish this. Mine will be killed if the arrow hits the target precisely. In certain circumstances, you must shoot at boxes or other objects that will fall on the mob and obliterate it.