Grand Zombie Swarm

Grand Zombie Swarm

About game «Grand Zombie Swarm»

In the 3D action game Grand Zombie Swarm, your role as a special forces soldier is to survive each level by eliminating all the zombies nearby within a set amount of time in order to defend yourself.

An expansive urban map is featured in the open-world zombie shooting game Grand Zombie Swarm. As a member of the special forces, it is your duty to use a variety of weaponry to get rid of hordes of zombies that are advancing from all directions. You arrive in the city and start battling for your life there. You must hold out for a specific period of time at each level in order to survive and move on to the next wave. You can kill zombies by using any of the weapons you have in your arsenal. Pick your preferred weapon and begin firing now that the ammunition supply is at its maximum. Shoot directly at the zombies' heads to dispatch them all in a hurry. Although there will be plenty of them and you'll have to fight them, you can also run from them. Enjoy yourself because we know you can do it!