Traffic Run 2

Traffic Run 2

About game «Traffic Run 2»

The attraction of boys to driving the cars, irrational to many girls, can be easily understood. Velocity triggers an adrenaline rush. The virtual games industry has been looking for a formula for the ideal driving application for decades. But the limitless quantity of competition formats in this sport does not let find the greatest option. Some people like motorcycles, while others like Formula 1 cars. Virtual applications for boys will conquer the race at once. Online racing games keep being a well-liked category of most boys. In Traffic Run 2 you need to help the driver to avoid getting into an accident. He will move at speed along a certain road. You have to drive through many dangerous sections of the road. In order not to get into an accident, you will have to either slow down the movement of your car, or, on the contrary, increase the speed in order to quickly slip through the dangerous section.

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