Super Buddy Kick 2

Super Buddy Kick 2

About game «Super Buddy Kick 2»

We had the impression that the claims made by millions of Super Buddy Kick 2 devotees that this form of entertainment is the best ever created could not possibly be false. What gives, though? What makes this game unique in a way that other games don't? No, everything appears to be the same, but everything has been implemented better, and after playing for 30 minutes, you realize there are absolutely no errors. We won't laud the toy, but you may try it out and decide for yourself. If you do, then you can happily recall how much fun a rag doll is to play with.

The basic goal of the game is to have fun, and one way to do this is through tormenting and making fun of the doll. First, we suggest that you review a quick guide on how to deal with the doll and the appropriate weaponry. Using the doll as a hanger, you may start testing various gadgets. Tools and torture devices can be found on the left side of the screen for this purpose, but they are not the only goods and weapons available; as soon as you have enough gold, you will be able to expand the list.