Sniper Attack

Sniper Attack

About game «Sniper Attack»

Feel alone in a battle against a large number of adversaries as a well-aimed sniper. You will be able to learn all the nuances of sniper business and gain a singular experience, in addition to raising the amount of adrenaline in the blood to the maximum. Create winning battle strategies and win in them.

You will have a large-caliber sniper weapon at your disposal. Use it to pierce tough armor and solid concrete floors in addition to striking your opponents. You can shoot with the mouse. Aiming is done using the right button, and shooting is done with the left button. Please be aware that you will have the freedom to select the area where the battle with the bad guys will occur. It might be a deserted city, a hilly location, or an old military base. Use the arrow keys to navigate each map and look for buildings that could serve as your temporary home. You can comfortably aim at your enemies from here and fire rounds at them. Your account will be credited with more points the farther you can hit the adversary. Aim to avoid attracting the enemy's attention.